Choose STI Solutions for your Primary Consulting Solution.  Community Relationships are one of the fundamentals of a Government's purpose.  We, at STI Solutions, harness that initiative when we work with Local, State, and Federal Government Clients.

Workforce Solutions, Operations and Logistics Support, and Customer Service Solutions are just a few Products and Services that we offer to our Government Clients.  Whether it be a Cleared/Secured Site or an Open Office, STI Solutions has the resources and expertise to assist your agency in a variety of Products and Services

Our Government Services Division Specializes in: 

  • General Consulting                                              
  • Administrative Support
  • Operations Support
  • Logistics Support
  • Arbitration
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Business Integration Services
  • Contract Proposal Review
  • Contract Mitigation
  • Request for Proposal (All Sourced) (RFPs)
  • Request for Quotes ( All Sources)   ( RFQs)
  • Product Sourcing and Purchasing
  • Travel Destination Services